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Alternative Hip Hop artist, Backyard Hero, Paying it forward, Never Fade, North Avenue Productions, No Fans Just Family. Pulaskiville, IL. In the studio with Cisco Adler of Shwayze. Rocked shows with Shwayze, Modsun, The Flobots, G Easy, Common, The roots, Uncle kracker, The Deans List, Oncue, Rockie Fresh, Chris Webby, AER and more...

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This is a song I recorded in 2010. I wanted to release it because it never made project. If you dig it share it. This is just a rough version. I thought the story and lyrics were strong. This is about chasing your dream and the temptation that goes with it.

Music update. Can’t wait to share my new EP with you guys produced by Cisco Adler. These songs are truly special! #music #ciscoadler

I’d rather be fly fishing with my brother in Colorado than at the club poppim botttles! #rhymer #bestlife

Got the wife’s name tatted

Learning never stops #fashion #video #alyceparis

White Sox game with my lady #skybox #freebeer

Life life to the fullest #ootd #partymonster #suit


#tbt that time @p7crew and I met a very drunk shooter mcgavin from the movie Happy Gilmore

Paparazzi ready lol #ootd

Happy easter! #gotmybunny

This picture is from my first time recording a song in a professional studio working with a professional producer.

Coming from my background most people said what I was doing was stupid and unrealistic. I was full of doubt. I was scared and nervous but I new in my heart this is something I wanted to do. 10 years later I’m so thankful I had to courage to face my fears.

Whatever hidden dream lies within your heart I hope you have the courage to take the first step. Your future self will thank you for it!

Top Secret

My first day wearing #googleglass #tech

Positive message of the day! #god #goodvibes #dreams #music #fans

Back in the studio with @ciscoadler #cali #newmusic #sunday